Saturday, Nov 28, 2015

Jeff Koser


About Me

Jeff Koser has more than thirty years of experience in consulting, executive sales management, business strategy, and sales enablement.  Jeff is co-author of the award winning book, Selling to Zebras and in 1999 founded Selling to Zebras, Inc.  Selling to Zebras, Inc. is a sales enablement company offering unique, effective and winning sales solutions to businesses in a variety of industries.  Jeff helps sales and marketing professionals to be more competitive in an increasingly challenging sales environment by teaching how to identify, penetrate and present value using the ZEBRAselling process. ZEBRAselling combines simplicity and sophistication.  It is a proven sales strategy that improves pipeline close rates, shortens sales cycles, and increases the average value of every deal.


Swimming, biking, running, sunsets, boating, skiing, walking, investing, writing.

Favorite Movies

All time favorite movie is Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell’s Groundhog Day! This movie resembles life doesn’t it? We goof it up but get more and more chances to get it right!

Favorite Music

Current music favorite is Maroon Five. All time favorite is Bob Dylan.

Favorite Books

  • My favorite sales books are Jim Holden’s Power Based Selling
  • Miller and Heiman’s Strategic Selling
  • Rick Page’s Hope is Not A Strategy
  • and Geoffrey Moore’s Crossing the Chasm. I enjoy Peter Drucker and love to plagerize his lines. And for fun I enjoy Earnest Hemingway. I also enjoy spiritual books that present alternative opinions on spirituality. I consider Dan Brown’s books to be of this yoke.

Blogs I Follow

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